More About Me

"Building Your Wealth Through Homeownership"

For over two decades I have been serving people like you, families. I was drawn to the industry because I came from a real estate background, my mother’s five brothers, all raised from the Midwest, were builders. My mother went into the real estate industry in the 1970’s and would amass her fortune not only working as a realtor but buying, renovating and selling her own properties for over 35 years. She instilled in me the passion and insight at an early age that “there was not a better investment than real estate” to secure oneself and their family members for the future.

I began my career with Fred Sands Realtors in Los Angeles, California in l985 and catered to the entertainment industry, serving such people as Smokey Robinson, Jay Leon, writers, actors, journalist and the like. My early exposure to the estates divisions gave me a keen insight to the needs of these elite individuals. By the end of the 1980’s I had become a multi-million dollar producer and acquired a reputation that was unsurpassed by most of my colleagues specializing not only in the estates division but new tract homes.

In the l990’s I reinvented myself understanding the market tends and the economic slowdown of our double-digital recession and strategically placed people in their dream homes through my broad-based understanding of creative financing, REO’s, 1031 tax exchanges fueled by my strength, tenacity and perseverance to set in place the ultimate goals of my clients of realizing successful homeownership.

Towards the later part of the 1990’s I would attend graduate school at USC majoring in business, psychology and a minor in marketing full-time while simultaneously working in real estate selling, buying, and also developing my own personal portfolio. I was then able to offer my clients, through my many years of real estate experience and educational background successful homeownership by means of my commitment of passion, recognizing options, opportunities, understanding the product and then implementing a strategic plan in order to successfully achieve the consumer’s expectations and goals. I do this each and every day through proactive, preplanned events in which I identify obstacles and utilize the my business suave tools to control any situation that may prevent my clients from moving forward in their transaction.

I specialize in successful homeownership, through collaboration and partnership, sparing no expense on getting you your top dollar in order that you can make your move in a timely manner. I pride myself on understanding the importance of diversification and having a handle on every price range in the Inland Empire. Being a developer, investor, realtor, and homeowner myself I have experienced very nuance of the spectrum of purchasing and selling in order to realize maximum profit for my clients. The results are effective delivery of service to each and every individual that I work with.